Better than an expert - a whole team of experts!

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Better than an expert: A whole team of experts!

If you want to know the reason for our success, we can name 20 at one single address.


Rudolf Siart is not only founder and the “brain” of SIART+TEAM, but he also is the coach of a team of more than 20 exceptional employees. The close relation to sports is no secret. As in professional sports, we provide our clients with the best mix of technical expertise, strategic advice, consistent interaction and fun at work.


You will be surprised at how interesting and advantageous a supposedly bothersome obligation of your business activities – such as the daily bookkeeping – can be, and how much it can contribute to your business’ success.



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Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsprüfer und Partner in allen steuerlichen, betriebswirtschaftlichen und rechtlichen Unternehmensbereichen. [1160 Wien, Ottakring - Thaliastraße 85]